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Welcome to the official website of author Kara Roach. Here you will find information on the author and her published work. As Kara’s work develops, so will this website. We have added easy access links to her social media pages so that anyone is able to follow her on Facebook and Instagram. We have also included one-click links to Amazon and Goodreads for the purchasing and reviewing purposes of her debut novel, Rook.

The website has contact and subscription forms that allow readers to interact directly with the author and administrators. If you have any questions or would simply like to interact with website and author updates, please feel free to use either or both of said forms.

As a team, we want to make this author website more than a place to promote Kara’s work. In those terms, the blog portion of this website will be treated like an open forum. We have a small team of writers who, along with Kara, will sporadically write blog posts for your entertainment. Topics will have a broad range of typical blog posts (i.e. writing, art, DIY, travel, cooking, etc.) and will not be limited to any specifics. We encourage anyone who wishes to participate in the blog to reach out to us in blog comments or through the contact form. We want this website to be a collaborative, safe space for anyone who likes to write and wishes to get their writing out there in some way.

The process of becoming a published author has been a long road for Kara, but she and the administrators would like to thank everyone who has supported her by purchasing and reading her debut novel. We are also grateful to everyone who has rated or reviewed the book on Amazon and Goodreads. Reviews and ratings are what help us spread the word of her book to as many people as possible. We strongly encourage you to write a review of Rook if you have not done so already.

Happy Reading!

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