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Books are My Life

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

By Kara Roach

I have always been an avid reader. I love the act of reading itself, but I also just love books. Physical books. I adore the feel of a book in my hand. The beautiful covers. The quality of the paper. The smell of the pages. The heft of a particularly long book.

I keep track of the books that I read on I set a yearly goal for how many books I would like to read in a year, but I honestly just read whatever, and whenever I can. That is a challenge in and of itself anymore. I never seem to find the time.

When I am feeling sad or anxious or out-of-sorts, I find comfort in simply sitting in the library of my home and admiring the books on all of the shelves. It’s a way to soothe my anxiety. Books are my life.

Going to Barnes and Noble is a way to make my day complete. Opening the door and entering the store to find myself surrounded by so many books makes my heart pound with such joy! Used book stores and libraries also give me all the feels! Sadly, I am usually not allowed in such stores by myself, being told that I have no control. Hmmm...possibly.

When I am allowed inside these wonderlands, I love going with my oldest son, because he is also an avid reader and book hoarder. Together we are unstoppable! Going with my husband or other children is NOT fun. They have all learned to hold on to the back hem of my shirt so that “I don’t make an escape”. I have a tendency to get them interested in a certain section of the store, then I quickly move through the store and pay for my purchases before I “find” my family again. Is this wrong? Oops.

Anyway, I find other ways to keep books in my life.

Several apps on my phone keep me "book happy" when I am away from home or cannot find the time, or my hubby refuses to allow me to enter a bookstore. Obviously, I have the GOODREADS app. This allows me to keep up with my yearly challenge, keep track of books that I have read, keep track of books that I want to read, and also sign up for giveaways! I have won a total of 5 over the years, some signed by the author. This app is a wonderful way to find new authors and come across books that are self published or possibly hard to find.

THRIFT BOOKS is another app that keeps my book hoarding always on the rise! Fair prices and fast delivery! I love it!

The LIBIB app is an awesome way to keep a running list of books that I already own. Keeps me from rebuying the same books. I admit that I went through a period (before discovering this app) where I would find that I had bought 2 and sometimes 3 of the same book. Let’s not tell my husband, please.

Now the LIBBY app keeps me connected to my local library. All you need is a library card and you are all set. I adore libraries, but I feel that they are underused. Please support yours!

Happy Reading!


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