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Protect the family. That is the motto of every member of the Twiss family. Sadly, living up to this belief comes at the cost of everyone in the small town of Rook, N.Y...


Rook is known for its urban legends, hauntings and a vast number of missing residents. The Twiss family has lived here since the town was founded. They have always been quiet, hard-working residents. However, they harbor deep and extremely dark secrets.


The Twiss men are overly dominant and controlling, while the women live in a constant state of fear, a terror like no other. Each family member keeps horrific secrets from each other that, once revealed, place every one of them in grave danger. Who, if anyone, can be trusted?


As the youngest Twiss woman, Addie, gets older, her tenacity forces the women of the family to rise up and take a stand, but at what cost? The family gets thrown into turmoil and drags the town of Rook with them. The Twiss men begin to lose their power, forcing the women to make tough decisions: protect the family or protect themselves...

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